Congregational Care

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Our pastoral counselors, Darcy Ing and Gary Augustin

Educational programs and community outreach to congregations are another way that we promote health.

We have two types of congregational care programs:

Congregational Outreach 

We provide outreach by speaking to congregations about our counseling and other services in various venues. We can speak during announcements; provide a table at resource fairs; provide adult education on mental health awareness and how we integrate spirituality into counseling to enhance the healing process. We can also provide services that speak to the mission of our center and how we are aligned with the ministries of many churches and temples.

Transformational Education for Congregations

These 1/2 day workshops can be offered as part of a weekend or Sunday program, or as a series of two evening meetings. These programs emphasize health and wellness in mind, body, spirit, and community. The format is informational as well as experiential. Participants will hear about ideas, participate in exercises to go deeper with the information and have opportunities to role-play, question, and discuss the topics. Two available topics are listed here, but other topics can be arranges by contacting the center directly.

• Finding Balance—Women, Spirituality and Health

• Finding Grace—Managing the Transitions of Aging