Clergy Care

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Supporting clergy and ministers in their important job as spiritual leaders of their communities is also a part of our mission. In addition to minister psychological assessments and counseling, we offer two new programs designed specifically for clergy:
Minister Group Consultation

Develop leadership capacity and improve ministry through small group dialogue with clergy members representing different religious communities. Using a consultation model for discussion, this facilitated group will explore leadership issues through appreciative inquiry. Members identify topics by using a ‘case consultation’ method and selected readings from different perspectives. Examples of topics include Managing Change, Conflict in Congregations, or Growing the Membership.

Counseling Skills for Clergy

This is a three-part seminar series that covers basic counseling skills that can enhance ministry. The series provides an introduction to some common mental health problems in Western society. There is an overview of how ministers can support individuals and families through pastoral counseling. Topics include those most frequently encountered by ministers in the community (non-medical settings). Seminars can be tailored to specific cultural groups or offered for interfaith and multi-cultural participants.

Ministerial Assessments

Psychological assessment is often a required component of the journey toward religious life. Testing may also be helpful for clergy members who have found themselves in times of acute crisis. Whether or not your denomination has requested psychological testing, this can be a time of personal insight and growth to enrich your current and future ministry. At Samaritan Counseling Center Hawaii, we have a longstanding specialty in clergy care. Our testing services hold this perspective in mind as we work with you to identify your individual strengths and areas of growth. All testing is done by clinical psychologists.  Many also hold a degree in theology and have sought out specialized training in the integration of spirituality and assessment.